4 Unusual Places For Summer Sex

summer place for sex

Bed, car and beach are totally out, there are a lot more imaginative locations that you should consider…

# 1 Roof

The cities are filled with interesting rooftops of buildings with fantastic views, only you need to find out which ones have unlocked doors. Take a blanket, champagne and cell phone where you can play music and wait for the dawn like in a movie style.

# 2 Meadows

The hot afternoon, thick shade of walnut trees away from humans is the perfect fit for crazy open sex. Take your bag with ice cubes to “spice up” the erotic pleasure, and at the same time cool yourself.

# 3 Summer kitchen

They are always cold and full of massive old furniture that is as created for, let’s say, quicky on your grandmother’s table. Do not forget to lock the door.

# 4 River

The water is colder, but it’s less crowded than at sea, so it’s a lesser chance for someone to catch you in the action. Find the hidden place and indulge yourself with passion.

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