7 Things That Kill Passion In Relationship

things that kill passion in bed

Although love is the most important thing in the relationship, passion also plays a very important role. When passion disappears, with time and love fades, and we believe that none of you desires it for yourself and your partner. And if you notice that there is less and less passion in your relationship, it is possible that you are guilty of it yourself, that is, some of your bad habits and health problems.

These are the seven possible ways you kill the passion about the relationship:

# 1 Bad diet

If you are on a diet due to the arrival of the summer, it is possible that you do not eat enough, which can reduce the sexual urge. This is also quite logical, because with a lower calorie intake the body will have less energy, and it is very likely that you will not be given to spend it on activities under the sheets.

# 2 Lack of sleep

And this is quite logical. If you sleep less than six hours a day, you will probably be sleepy at night and you will not be having sex. Lack of sleep also adversely affects male libido, as testosterone slows down, which lessens desire for sex.

# 3 Contraceptive Pills

Numerous research on contraception has shown that women can drastically reduce desire for sex.

# 4 Overeating

If you are prone to overeating at night, it is difficult for you to have any desire for sex afterwards. Especially if you eat foods full of saturated fats that can reduce blood flow to the sexual organs and this is definitely true for men too.

# 5 Stress

One study found that fatigue and stress are the main causes for reducing sexual desire of 60 percent of women. The same cause is also mentioned in the reduction of sexual desire in men.

# 6 Depression

Depression, just like stress, has a negative effect on many aspects of life, and thus on the libido, and it has been proven that some antidepressants are responsible for sexual dysfunction in men.

# 7 Anemia

If you are anemic, you should definitely bring more iron into the body, and so you will regain the desire for sex.

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