Hot Advices For Hot Summer Days

summer sex tips

With these tricks, the summer gets even more interesting. In the summer, somehow we feel more carefree, so we are more inclined to adventure when it comes to love. Regardless of whether you are single or in relationship, the hot sexy tips we share with you below will surely benefit you.

Play In the Water

When it comes to sex, the games are very important, according to sexologists. During the summer, we spend a lot of time swimming so find an empty place in the pool or at sea and start the action. Sex in the pool is not recommended, but games with hands and foreplay are highly desirable and exciting.

Quicky Sex

During the summer, there are frequent gatherings with family and friends, and it is also a great opportunity to sneak into someone’s garden where you will be hidden from curious views and where you can have quicky sex. There is something exciting in such situations, as well as at risk of ‘being caught’ so do not be hesitant because the peak is guaranteed.

Cool It With Mint Candy

A hot summer night is ideal for an oral sex, and if you want to cool it down a bit, take the Menthol Candy before you start. Menthol in your mouth will give your partner a fresh and pleasant feeling.

Spice Up Your Picnic

Take a picnic partner somewhere in nature and bring fine food and chilled water with you. Forget about a trick with ice and instead use the watermelon to infiltrate your partner. With a piece of watermelon you pass through erogenous zones and then lick the remains of the watermelon from her body, but stay away from his genitals. It will completely get rid of it.

Take a Room At the Hotel

Sex in an unknown place is very exciting, and renting a room at the hotel will help you to get out of your usual routine, especially when it comes to the sex life. Sexologists advise you to play a little and behave to each other as complete strangers who have accidentally met and felt some incredible attraction between each other.

Plan An Extra Exciting Thing

A little adrenaline activity will further intensify your senses and make sex even more stimulating, claim sexologists. Therefore, choose an interesting summer activity such as surfing, beach volleyball or hiking. After that, sex will make you even better.

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