Incredibly Sexy Pose For Hot Summer Days

sex during summer

Everyone loves sex. But, well … Most of us love sex, and some of us even that much, so if we can, we would spend our time only in bed (not sleeping). Therefore, as sex is a very important part of our lives, it is important that is interesting for both of partners.

Luckily there is a lot of things you can try with your partner so you do not get bored. We have already written about many of these issues all these years, but the variation regarding sex poses has a lot, and even a small change can have a great impact on the pleasure in sex, the attainment and intensity of orgasm.

Try This One Out

So, looking for new ways to spice up sex life during summer time?

We recommend this one.

sex pose

A pillow can do wonders in sex and if haven’t did it yet- be sure to try a missionary pose with a pillow beneath the bottom of the lower back (for fantastic, more intense orgasms, and generally easier way to reach an orgasm). In this version, everything is similar like in the normal position, the only difference is that a pillow is under the pelvis, while you lie on your belly.

The legs are gathered, which creates a narrower entrance for it and enhanced stimulation. This pose not only allows easier access to the G-spot and A-point (the point is due to female ejaculation, so called squirting), but the position also stimulates the clitoris, so it is very pleasant for a woman!

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