This Makes Happy Both Partners In Relationship or Marriage

this makes happy everyone in relationship

If you want to make your partner happy, but also yourself, do something good for him.

A study published in “Emotion” shows that small romantic gestures are not only satisfying our partner, but us as well.

The researchers conducted a study of over 175 people who were married for an average of seven months. The participants said that they did something nice for their partners, such as doing some kind of housework every two to three days.

Though the happiest were the partners who noticed these little signs of attention, they were no less satisfied neither those whose partners did not perceive the partner’s goodness.

“If I make an effort and make something nice, and my wife does not notice it, it would surely hurt me”, said Harry Reis, the study author for “Time Magazine”. But it turned out that his assumption for conducting this study was not correct.

The people were happy when they were doing little things for their partners.

It is in the human nature to give, the author of the study added. It was surprising and people became happier when they spent money on others. But their motives were not always noble, sometimes people were happy to spend money on others because they wanted to impress them or because they hoped to get it all back.

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