What Actually Happens When Man Hugs Woman?

he hugs her

The finest songs were sung and the most beautiful words were written about love, and writer David Tumarinson beautifully described what happens when a man hugs a woman.

Writer David Tumarinson writes a beautiful poetic prose, and the Internet is marvelous with his description of the intimate embrace between a woman and a man. David described in a magical way what happens when a man embraces a woman. His words show all the power of embrace and tell why men should often grumble their partners – because both women and men crave for love.

“When a man quietly approaches the woman from behind and hugs, he closes the circle. Your own and her circle. It is a circle of gentleness, warmth and protection. And he puts a woman right at the center of that passionate circle. In this way, at that moment the man inadvertently gives the woman knowledge that it is the center of his universe. A man throbs a woman in silence. The woman stands in silence as well. He feels the hot current that comes out of those hot and calm hands.

When a man embraces a woman, she feels as if she has wings and is able to fly. This love circle is calm and comfortable. From this quiet gentleness, she melts like a dice of sugar in a cup of tea. Who is she now, while standing in the middle of this shrinking circle? What does she feel? Who is she at the moment?

Is she a woman or a girlfriend? Does she feel loved or she loves?”

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