Which Sex Pose People Literally Hate?

what people hate in sex

You either love or hate the “69” pose, there is no option between this. And it seems that this pose, at least a version of the same, many more people hate than they like, says the result of a recent study which involved at least a thousand of responders from USA and Europe.

In the second place is anal sex

Guess what? 56.8 percent of women and 42.7 percent of men who participated in this survey said that only a thought about doing pose “69” freaks them out. But a small detail that we must not forget is the fact that they were thinking of “69” pose, but in a standing position.

What, it seems to us, is not exactly the simplest task in the world, and this data makes sense. But most of the people who said this about the post 69 while standing are probably thinking the same about the classic position. In the second place, anal sex is the most common sex pose to hate – even 54.5 percent of women said they are very worried about the anal sex, while 30.5 percent of men think in the same way.

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