Yo’re Naked? Never Say These 6 Things

never say this things while naked

To take the clothes off in front of another person is the act of the greatest intimacy and it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. But if the person we are facing is the right one, he/she will do everything to make that feeling disappear. You should never apologize for your appearance and your body. These six sentences, you should never say while being naked – because good sex is full of self-confidence.

Don’t Look At Me!

Instead, think like this: Look at me. All of me. This body gives you a lot of intimacy, passion and fun. Nothing is more sexy at this point than my naked body. Take it all.

I Hate My …

We decide on ourselves or not that we are sexy and we should not depend on the magazine’s covers or the fashion industry. If we believe that we are sexy, we will be like that. Our bodies are perfect every day, and especially at the moment of intimacy. And let’s be realistic – self-disrespect just “kills” the atmosphere.

Do You Like My?

This is not the time to ask for confirmation if any part of your body is beautiful. This will only create the impression of an insecure person, and the partner will figure it out. To feel embarrassed when naked is normal, but the more you express that feeling, it will be more difficult for you to get rid of it and to love the skin in which you are.

Turn Off the Light

One thing is if you want to reduce the light to spice up your sex life and create a hot atmosphere, but if you want to hide in the dark, that’s another matter. If someone condemns you in the light, he doesn’t deserve to have you in the dark.

Sorry About My Part of The Body

Enjoyment and excitement will fail if you will apologize to your partner for your ‘imperfections’. The partner should especially love the part of your body that makes you feel insecure to show you that you are beautiful and sexy just as it is.

You Do Not Want To See It

If you hide your body parts from your partner, you also deny yourself and a better sexual experience.

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